TopContent was founded in 2015 as “03 Gaming” by a small group of streamers with a goal to bring new gaming experiences to Twitch. Since 2015 our founders have worked in esports and content creation with a focus on helping people build their communities & help improve their own self marketing skills. TopContent is the parent brand under which we have several other content focused brands that will continue to launch as we expand and bring in more creators to those sectors.

What is TopContent? Topcontent is a Brand Management company:

  • We focus on helping streamers connect to our channel partners, sponsors and communities.
  • We promote our creators through our Brand Portal on our website.
  • We create videos to promote our creators through social media
  • We also work with community stream teams or Esports organizations and providing them access to our channel partners & sponsors

If you are interested in joining one of our teams please click the apply page like above to see requirements and more information.